A community comes together to support Jayme Closs, family

"As tragic as this whole thing is and-- it's brought to light for me just what human kindness can do," Barron, Wis. resident tells Gayle King

Community comes together to support Jayme Closs
Community comes together to support Jayme Clo... 01:52

Last Updated Jun 8, 2019 11:25 PM EDT

CBS News' Gayle King speaks to Closs family friends who describe their efforts to support Jayme Closs' family during their tragedy of Jayme's kidnapping and the murder of her parents.

They started a Facebook page to help spread the word while Jayme was missing, called "Light the way home for Jayme Closs," and organized fundraisers for the family during that time.

Now that Jayme has escaped and returned home, there is a new Facebook page where people can share positive messages for Jayme and the family called "Healing for Jayme Closs."

For more of how Barron, Wis., residents are banding together in support of the teen, watch "48 Hours:" Jayme Closs: Hometown Hero.

Jayme Closs: Hometown Hero 42:52