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A CBS/YouTube Denouement?

By now you've certainly heard about Google's $1.6 billion purchase of media darling YouTube (and yes, you can count YouTube among our darlings here at Public Eye. Along with media censorship in China.) Since we've been following the network's storied relationship with the video sharing site for some time now, we thought it worth mentioning CBS's new arrangement with YouTube. After a lot of back and forth over the past few months, it seems the story has reached a denouement – CBS has entered into a content-sharing deal with YouTube. (You can check out the CBS channel on YouTube here.) CBS will provide some of its news content to YouTube and share the ad revenue with the site. And as for the copyright concerns? "CBS will use YouTube's technology to monitor the site for copyrighted network content," writes Broadcasting & Cable.
"User-submitted and network-approved CBS material will remain on YouTube, which will sell ads against it. (CBS will also supply content for a network-branded YouTube channel, selling the ads and sharing the revenue.) Content that the network requests be removed will be taken down. Just what criteria CBS will use to determine whether content is objectionable, the network won't say.

'That's our sole discretion. I'm not going to lay out the exact criteria for you,' says CBS spokesperson Dana McClintock. "If we feel that it has a greater benefit promotionally and financially than it does a detriment to us in terms of copyright violation, then we'll leave it up.'"

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