A Bush Family Christmas

President Bush makes Christmas Eve phone calls to members of the armed forces from Camp David.
President Bush worked out in the gym with his father and walked through the snow with his daughters as the first family celebrated Christmas at Camp David.

Three generations of the presidential family woke up Wednesday morning and exchanged presents, then sat down for a brunch of pancakes and waffles, White House spokesman Taylor Gross said.

Before brunch, the president and his father, former President Bush, worked out in the gym at the presidential retreat. He then took a walk through the snow with his twin daughters, Jenna and Barbara.

Gross declined to reveal any details of the gift-giving, saying it was private.

Other family members at Camp David were the president's sister, Dorothy Koch; brothers Neil and Marvin Bush, and their families; his mother, Barbara Bush; Laura Bush's mother, Jenna Welch; and the first family's cat and two dogs.

The Christmas Day dinner menu included beef tenderloin, potatoes, creamed spinach and hot rolls.

In addition, the military and civilian employees assigned to Camp David were invited to have Christmas dinner at the retreat. The president and Laura Bush planned to stop by and wish them a Merry Christmas, Gross said.

On Christmas Eve, the president made phone calls to members of the armed forces from Camp David. He called military personnel stationed around the world, including troops in Bosnia, Afghanistan, South Korea, on vessels at sea and Alaska, to tell them they are in Americans hearts during the holidays.

Mr. Bush spent an hour on the phone, dialing up members from all five branches of the military.