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A Bite Of Heaven

This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.
Have you had a good tomato this summer? A real tomato, plump and imperfect. A tomato that was grown outside in a garden somewhere. A tomato that tastes like a tomato. A tomato that's firm enough to hold together, yet juicy enough to make a mess.

Our stores are full of tomatoes, but few of them are memorable. Modern tomatoes lack character and taste. They feel more manufactured than grown.

When I was a kid working on the farm, picking tomatoes was one of the great jobs. Hard work to be sure, but several times a day, when you had the perfect specimen in your hands, you'd rub the dirt off on your shirt and take a huge bite. Heaven.

If you're lucky enough to be close to a farm stand or if you have a farmers' market in your town, do yourself a favor: Get some tomatoes and bring them straight home. Slice them — not too thin. Drizzle on a little olive oil. Sprinkle with sea salt and about two twists of fresh ground pepper.

Now it's officially summer.

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By Harry Smith