98-Year-Old Laura Lindquist Murdered 100-year-old Nursing Home Roommate Elizabeth Barrow, Say Cops

NEW BEDFORD, Mass. (CBS/AP) 100-year-old Elizabeth Barrow should have changed nursing home roommates when she had the chance.

Police say her 98-year-old roommate Laura Lundquist strangled her to death. On Sept. 24, police found Barrow dead, with a plastic bag over her head, at the Brandon Woods Nursing Home.

Lundquist is behind bars and has been indicted on a second-degree murder charge. A grand jury last Friday returned the indictment against her. A judge sent her to a state mental hospital for a competency evaluation.

Barrow's son, Scott Barrow, declined to comment on the indictment. He has said Lundquist made threatening remarks to his mother about the number of visitors his mother received and said she would outlive Barrow.

Nursing home officials have said the women refused chances to switch rooms and were friendly to each other.