911 calls released in "ding dong ditch" shooting

911 calls of Oklahoma shooting released 01:44

PRYOR, Okla. -- The 911 calls have been released from the shooting of an Oklahoma teenager early New Year's Day. He was shot while playing a prank called "ding dong ditch."

On the recording, we hear from both the 14-year-old boy who was shot and the man who shot him, who now faces life in prison.

Cole Peyton made an emergency call minutes after neighbor Derek Morgan fired multiple shots at the high school freshman.

Cole Peyton, left, was shot by neighbor Derek Morgan, right, while playing a New Year's prank in Pryor, Oklahoma. KOTV

Cole and his two friends rang Morgan's doorbell at one in the morning on New Year's Day then ran away -- a prank that nearly turned deadly.

"Sir, why did you shoot me? I wasn't trying to break into your house," Cole told Morgan. "Where did my friends go? Did you shoot them?"

Morgan told investigators he thought one of teens may have had a weapon.

New Year's mischief in Oklahoma ends in gunsh... 01:30

"Some kids are around the back of the house, I think trying to break in," Morgan told 911 dispatchers. "They're around the back window. Fired a shot, hit one of them."

Morgan is charged with assault and battery with a deadly weapon. He's back home now, released on bond.

CBS News spoke by phone with Cole's mother, Kim Hall.

"I think he made a bad decision to go outside on New Year's Eve at that time, but I don't think he's at fault for being shot," Hall told CBS News. "I am a gun owner myself and I have never reached for my gun."

Police said Cole was shot in the stomach and forearm while running away. He was released from the hospital Friday.

"Emotionally, it bothers him," Hall said. "He doesn't understand, like, why they shot him and they live right here next door so it's a constant reminder."

Cole's mother plans to move the family. She says the neighborhood can never be home again.