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8-year-old with brain tumor meets koalas, fulfills her wish

Girl's koala wish comes true

Kate Higginbotham is an 8-year-old girl with a special wish. She loves koalas and dreamed of meeting her favorite animal. But Katie was diagnosed with a brain tumor about a year and a half ago, and her prognosis was not good. Though her dream was to fly to Australia to meet koalas, because of her condition, the long flight from her home in Texas was out of the question.

So the Make-A-Wish Foundation gave Katie the next best thing: a trip to the Palm Beach Zoo to see the cuddly critters up close. The zoo is the only place in the United States where visitors can get close to koalas.

The Higginbothams took a flight from Texas to Florida to experience the unique koala meet-up, and the 8-year-old's wish was fulfilled. The family got to stand in the koala sanctuary and take photos with them. Katie learned all about the marsupials up close.

The fulfillment of Katie's wish was a moment that touched the entire family. "It's so nice to see her smile," Katie's mother said tearfully.