7-year-old in diapers forced to sleep in coffin

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SCRANTON, Pa. - Police have arrested a couple after a 7-year-old diaper-clad boy was found crying in the basement of a filthy northeastern Pennsylvania home, where he claimed he was forced to sleep in a coffin.

The Times-Tribune of Scranton reports that investigators filed endangerment and unlawful restraint charges against the boy's mother, 26-year-old Lori Gardner, and his stepfather, 31-year-old Brian Sleboda.

The couple turned themselves in Tuesday afternoon. It's not clear if they have an attorney.

Court documents say the boy told officers he was sometimes bound with duct tape and told ghosts inhabited the basement.

The newspaper reports that neighbors heard the boy crying last week and called police. When officers arrived, the boy asked "Are you here to help me?"

Officials say the bug-infested home has been condemned.