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60-year-old woman, man shot on porch in Chicago

CHICAGO -- An Arizona woman celebrating her 60th birthday was one of two people shot on the porch of a home in Chicago early Tuesday.

CBS Chicago reports that Juanita Jones and her 50-year-old brother-in-law, Mark Hudson, were sitting outside when someone drove up, got out of a vehicle, and sprayed the porch with bullets.

The shooter then walked up to the side of the house, and continued to empty his gun, before jumping back in the vehicle, and speeding away, according to police.

Jones, who was struck seven times, suffered wounds to her chest, stomach, and buttocks. She was taken to a hospital where she remains in critical condition. Hudson was shot in the arm and was treated at a different hospital for that wound, which was not life threatening.

Jones had flown in from Arizona on Sunday to celebrate her 60th birthday on Tuesday. Her sister, Yolanda Brown, told CBS Chicago that she was inside the home at the time, and heard the shots.

"Could you imagine walking out and seeing your sister laying on the ground, with bullet holes, with blood all over her?" Yolanda Brown said.

Police have not released a description of the gunman or the getaway vehicle.

No one was in custody Tuesday morning.

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