60 Minutes viewers call foul on insurance companies

Life insurance companies and angry customers go back and forth via Twitter about unpaid claims, after watching 60 Minutes broadcast

On Sunday's 60 Minutes, Lesley Stahl reported some life insurance companies don't pay benefits even when they know the policyholder is dead.

The story ensured strong reactions...and even stronger language from some viewers:

That alarm led several insurance providers to try and quell customers' fears:

Some Twitter users say insurance companies have already employed the "horrible practice" on them:

In this string of tweets, one insurance company responded to an angry viewer who was reminded of her own unclaimed benefits:

But as Stahl reported on Sunday, there is one insurance company that is not trying to pay back those benefits. Chicago-based Kemper has been pushing for legislation around the country that would bar the states from forcing Kemper to go back and search for unpaid beneficiaries. After watching 60 Minutes' story, a U.S. Senator from Illinois called for action:

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