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6 Ways to Really Irritate a Customer

Want to really irritate your customers? Here are six (6) annoying things that will ensure you not just lose sale, but never get in to see that customer again:
  • <... data-shortcode="truncate">strong>#1: Walk in and wing it. According to a recent survey, only one out of six (!) sales reps making sales call were "extremely well-prepared" and one of out of four (!!!) were "not at all prepared." There's no surer way to show a prospect that you're fly-by-night than not bothering to do your research.
  • #2: Do an information dump. In most cases, the prospect knows as much or more about your product, and your competitors, than you do. Therefore, a good way to really irritate the prospect is to review your product and its benefits in excruciating, mind-numbing detail.
  • #3: Be late to the meeting. The prospect's time is valuable, so wasting some of it needlessly will definitely raise some hackles! When you do show up, be sure to have some lame excuse (like "there was lots of traffic") that could have been prevented with a little forethought and planning on your part.
  • #4: Spout unsubstantiated opinions. Why be shy. Tell the prospect that your product is the best in the world, and that other products and approaches aren't any good. If you're pressed for facts or studies proving it, be sure to act offended, as if the prospect is calling you a liar.
  • #5: Show up and throw up. There's nothing like a detailed PowerPoint slide, with plenty of bells and whistles, to make a prospect wish he'd stayed at home. So be sure throw up lots of slides, with plenty of animations and goofy pictures on them.
  • #6: Wear something inappropriate. Forget about that "dress for success" look. If you're a male, annoy the customer by wearing jeans and sneakers. If you're a female, wear something provocative. The more distracting the outfit, the more annoyed the customer!
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