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$5K worth of luxury items stolen from coatroom at famed Plaza Hotel

NEW YORK -- The Plaza Hotel is world famous as a pinnacle of Manhattan luxury.

It’s also where police say a coat-room thief mingled with the upper crust and managed to make off like a bandit, CBS New York reports

“Very surprised actually. I’d expect it at a little dive bar on the Lower East Side,” Erica Holuboff told CBS New York.

The unidentified victim is a 29-year-old woman who partied at the Plaza on November 3, at a Gala hosted by her employer.

Into coat check she put a pricey bag containing a Fancy Savage clutch, gold jewelry, and credit cards.

When she went to claim them with her ticket less than 6 hours later, they were gone.

Police said there is plenty of surveillance video and the thief appears to be a woman.

After the theft, a credit card belonging to the victim was used to buy gas at a Brooklyn station and pay for a cab ride.

The total value of the stolen goods is more than $5,000. The clutch alone fetches almost $3,000.

Police said that item was borrowed from a friend.

“She’s not a very happy lady right now,” Karie Cohen said.

“I think the woman should pay her back then,” Yana Cohen added.

But what about the hotel?

“Years and years of this place existing, that’s one of those things that you shouldn’t worry about,” Chris Resto said. “It should be a well oiled machine. It should be as standard as getting a chocolate on your pillow when you stay there.”

CBS2 reached out repeatedly to the Fairmont Corporation which owns the Plaza, but did not receive a comment.

Police poured over surveillance video and interviewed witnesses in Manhattan and Brooklyn including the cab driver who unwittingly helped the thief escape.

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