500 pound piano stolen from Bronx park

Girl plays piano that was later stolen from Williamsburg Oval Park in the Bronx, N.Y. on Sunday, June 26, 2011
Emily Walsh

(CBS/WCBS) NEW YORK -- Somebody walked off - or more likely, drove off - with a 500-pound piano from a public park in the Bronx.

The piano was taken from Williamsburg Oval Park Sunday night, according to CBS station WCBS, in a move that was anything but upright.

The instrument had been put there by the non-profit arts group, Sing for Hope, WCBS reported.

Emily Walsh, Director of Operations for the group, said a volunteer organization and the Parks Department had been looking after the instrument. She believes whoever stole it knew what they were doing.

"You would definitely need a plan to move it. It's a bright piano, it's about 500 pounds. So it's definitely someone who intended to remove the piano," Walsh said, according to WCBS.

She said it's a loss in more ways than one.

"I think that the community value and the emotional value is incredibly high -- especially in communities that don't have regular access to the arts," she said.

According to a message on the Facebook page for devotees of the park, WCBS says there is apparently an offer to donate a replacement piano - so this story may yet end on a high note.