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50 Ways to Green Your Business

kermit-at-work.jpgIt is easy being green, and the magazine "Fast Company" shows you how. Their latest issue offers 50 ways to green your business, referencing tactics used by General Electric, Wal-Mart, Microsoft, Intel, Kaiser Permanente, Nike, Target, JPMorgan Chase, and more. From turning waste into profits, to collecting rain water for toilet-flushing, to using PVC-free recycled rubber for flooring, the article provides insight that can benefit any company -- whether you want to go just a little lime, or hunter green all over.

"Imagine asking today how the Internet affects business. It's an absurd question, like asking how electricity changed business. Asking the same about sustainability, it turns out, is equally absurd. Like the Internet, sustainability spurs innovation in everything, from how you see your business model to whether you see your employees (why not let them work at home more?). Here are our favorite ways companies today are greening up--and saving money and making better widgets in the process."
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