5-year-old allegedly stabs three people in Va.

The residence where police say a 5-year-old stabbed 2 juveniles and an adult

A five-year-old in Ruckersville, Va. allegedly stabbed three people with an "edged weapon" and is in custody, police said.

"I've heard of juveniles throwing temper tantrums, but I've never heard of anything like this before," Greene County Sheriff Steve Smith told CBS affiliate WCAV in Charlottesville, Va.

Neighbors told WCAV that the altercation began because of an argument over a juice box. However, authorities haven't confirmed that information.

Smith said the victims, two juveniles and one adult, were all taken to the University of Virginia Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries. At least one victim is related to the child, but police have not revealed the specific nature of that relationship.

It is unclear if the child will be charged. The five-year-old has been undergoing evaluation by authorities, but he is not in jail.