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5 Ways to Save Money on Business Travel

Thursday night, I'll be jetting almost as far as it's physically possible to fly while remaining in the Lower 48, from Seattle to NYC. So saving money on travel is on my mind. So I ask two things of you: Wish me a blizzard-free trip, and continue reading for a handful of tips on how to save money while traveling.

WiseBread recently discussed 14 travel hacks and airfare saving tips. I've rounded up the five of those tips that I personally practice regularly. For all 14 tips, click over to WiseBread.

Ask for the corporate discount. It never hurts to ask -- you can often save money on accommodations, car rental, and other services just by asking. The worst thing that can happen? They say no.

Book early. These days, you need to book at least 14 days in advance for the best prices. There are vanishingly few killer last-minute deals out there anymore.

Avoid Fridays and Mondays. That's when all the other business travelers fly, so you can save money on travel and accommodations by booking around those days.

Use regional airports. Search engines and travel agents usually overlook the fact that you can save a wheel barrel full of money by flying into a nearby regional airport. These smaller airports also tend to have shorter security lines, better service, and cheaper taxi service.

Ask for an upgrade. Sure, odds are that this won't pan out, but if you ask for an upgrade -- especially at the gate, well in advance of departure -- you might get lucky. You might get bumped up for free or be able to do so for a small fee.