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5 Things You Still Need to do in 2009

The year is almost over and we're already planning for 2010. I was in a store recently and they were already putting out Halloween decorations (then again, maybe they just forgot to take them down). So before you start planning your 2010, don't forget that you still have 10 days in 2009. Yes, 10 whole days! It is limitless what you can do, experience, and achieve during the other 8 hours in the next 10 days.

Here's my advice on what you still need to do in 2009:

  1. Get unplugged. Take a deep breath and have some fun. Get together with friends and enjoy your family. Drink too much eggnog. Sit on Santa's lap. Carry lots of mistletoe and take advantage of it. If there is anybody who needs to take this advice it is me. I went to a company Christmas party yesterday and sneaked out after about 20 minutes to work. I literally sneaked out. Pathetic.
  2. Get inspired. Seth Godin has amassed 70 or so visionaries to contribute to a free book called What Matters Now. It is full of ideas and inspiration. (Loved Elizabeth Gilbert's advice -- see step #1 above). Read it in 2009 to make your 2010 more enriched. A few of the contributors include Hugh MacLeod, Daniel Pink, Dave Ramsey, Gary Vanyerchuck, David Meerman Scott, Tim Sanders, Martha Beck, and many others.
  3. Get focused. Play a game with me. It is December 22, 2010. You've brushed your teeth, turned off the lights, and are almost asleep. You think back over 2010 and feel a sense of excitement, accomplishment, and happiness. Answer this question, "What happened in 2010 for you to feel this way?" Now you know what to focus on next year.
  4. Get gratitude. "What's next?" is our country's new mantra -- I know I find myself asking this a lot. But in your quest for new and more, take a step back and consider everything you have to be thankful for. Are there problems in your life? Of course. But I guarantee there are some gems. I bet if you thought about it for 30 seconds you'd have a list that would surprise you. Try it.
  5. Get generous. This doesn't mean you should buy a bunch of stuff. It means you give something of yourself. That could be your other 8 hours, your ideas, or a shoulder. Who has had the greatest impact on you this year? Call them and say thank you. Take the last few days of 2009 to turn me, me, me into we, we, we.
Don't worry about 2010 -- it will come without your help. Spend these next 10 days enjoying what's left of 2009.

(Computer image by Axel-D, CC 2.0)
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