5 Resume Mistakes You Should Fix Today

Here's what's wrong with your resume: It's too generic. In an effort to appeal to various job listings you found on Monster.com, you're watering down your resume and failing to sell those skills and experiences that make you unique. That's just one of five observations that US News & World Report makes in 5 Resume Mistakes You're Probably Making.

Other common resume mistakes:

  • Your resume lacks specific, measurable accomplishments. Hey, that's additional validation of my advice from Eliminate Weak Words From Your Resume, in which I pointed out that words like "responsible for" and "experienced" can mask what you actually accomplished.
  • Your resume is chock full of complete sentences. Dude, your resume is not a term paper. Recruiters spend less time scanning your resume than you've already spent reading this post. Get to the point.
  • Your resume has an objective statement. You might want to include a short summary of your measurable successes that relate directly to the requirements of the job you're applying for. But otherwise, pass on this traditional resume element.
  • Your college accomplishments are still front and center. A better solution: Your resume should only focus on the most recent four years. [via The Consumerist]
Photo by woodleywonderworks