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5 Productivity Hacks for Your Calendar

Last week I wrote about the dangers of using your calendar as a to-do list. You, my intrepid readers, chimed in with your own perspectives, and your feedback gave rise to this follow-up post on five ways to hack your calendar to increase your productivity.

  1. Reserve 2 hours per day and 1 day per week to manage the unexpected. - eric.vanderhors
  2. Every morning, create a daily agenda that considers tasks, interruptions, and other needs such as exercise and lunch. - manume
  3. Block it out on "my time" on your calendar to get tasks completed, regardless of whether they're listed on your calendar, on a piece of paper, or elsewhere. - mandyrichards
  4. Color-code the non-negotiables on your fixed schedule with one color and "action items" with another, so you can see at a glance what needs to be handled first. - JBSTEVE
  5. Use the Tasks function of Outlook to organize and prioritize your tasks. - glorialindsay
Thanks for the great ideas!
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