5 Free Android Apps You Gotta Get

Last Updated Jun 9, 2010 3:51 PM EDT

We're not Android users here at Business Hacks -- not yet, anyway -- but that doesn't mean we're not fans. The platform is looking more robust by the day, and the apps are rapidly approaching iPhone levels -- maybe not in quantity, but definitely in quality.

jkOnTheRun's James Kendrick recently rounded up his top 5 free Android apps. Here's number one, a killer Twitter client:

Twicca. I am a big Twitter user and always look for a good client on every mobile device I use. I like the genuine Twitter app for Android, but Twicca has knocked it off my home page. Twicca has full functionality for using Twitter, and in a package that is attractive and easy to use. It's also hard not to appreciate the magical connotation of its name. Don't let the image fool you; Twicca works in English, too.
What about the others? You'll have to check them out for yourself. In the meantime, have you found any Android freebies worth crowing about? If so, crow about 'em in the comments!

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