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5 Creative Ways to Quit Your Job

One of the top-searched stories today involves Steven Slater, the JetBlue flight attendant who caused a stir on his last flight. Here's how the situation reportedly goes: The full flight had arrived from Pittsburgh when a passenger refused to follow flight attendant directions and stood to get their luggage from the overhead compartment. An altercation ensued, Slater was injured, and then he basically lost it. The JetBlue employee let loose an expletive-rich tirade on the intercom, then made a dramatic exit down the emergency chute, beer in hand.

Voila! Instant folk hero.

So what other quitting stories have gone viral in the past? I found 5 that might just inspire others to do the same:

1) Use that favorite dry erase board and out your boss as the worst person on Earth who spends way too much time on Farmville for the entire Internet. Click here to see the 33 pictures this girl posted that have gone viral.

2) Get some attention by whipping out that old school boom box and blasting the triumphant head-banging Bohemian Rhapsody in front of everyone in the cafeteria:

3) As this warehouse employee proves sometimes creativity isn't necessary; you just need a good ol' intercom:

4) Vanilla Ice made his comeback when this manager used the beat to quit in front of his entire restaurant:

5) This interactive game developer actually created a fake Super Mario game to announce his "resignation" to co-workers. Beat that, Luigi!
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