4 Teens Hurt When Driver Holds Breath, Faints

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Police say four upstate New York teenagers who tried to hold their breath for the time it took their car to go a third of a mile were hurt when the driver fainted.

Authorities say three 19-year-old men and a 16-year-old boy were traveling together late Monday night when they decided to try to hold their breath while riding through a rural Rochester-area hamlet.

Monroe County sheriff's deputies say the driver, 19-year-old Bryan Parslow, fainted and his car hit a boulder.

Parslow was ticketed for failing to stay in his lane. He's a paraplegic for whom the car was specially equipped to drive.

It was the second serious accident Parslow. He became paralyzed after he fell out of a fraternity house window in 2008.

All four teens were treated at a hospital and released.