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3D dashboard: Future of GPS navigators?

(CBS/Reuters) The future of driving may look something like this - a virtual world created by a 3D navigation system.

An interactive map sits on a vehicle's dashboard and updates drivers on real-time data; including traffic conditions, Twitter updates and nearby restaurants.

It's called an Affected Integrated Driving Assistant, or AIDA 2.0. Its creators - Audi and MIT's SENSEable City Lab - see it as a "smart" alternative to traditional GPS navigators.

"Today's navigators in your car sometimes are frustrating. You know, you decide to take a different route and the navigator will keep on telling you 'recalculating, please go back' so the question was can you have somebody as a navigator that is more like a friendly companion. Somebody that is next to you in the car, knows where you want to go and will try to help you," said Carlo Ratti of the SENSEable city Lab at MIT.

AIDA 2.0 builds a driver profile, learning his or her habits and it's truly interactive with hand gesture recognition allowing drivers to manipulate the display with the point of a finger.

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