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Can 3D body scanners help with weight loss, fitness?

3D body scans at gym
3D body scans at the gym 01:27

If you want to lose weight and get into shape, some gyms are now offering high-tech, 3D body scanners to help you track your progress.

A few months ago, musical theater actress Sarah Loman came to TMPL gym in New York City to see if a new approach could help.

She’s struggled with her weight and wants to make major changes to her body. “I’m in a career path where it’s all about how you look,” she told CBS News.

TMPL and dozens of other high-end fitness centers around the country are now offering this 3D scanning technology. A special camera takes hundreds of body measurements — from how much muscle you have to where you’re storing more fat. The scanner then creates a 3D computer model of its subject in less than minute.

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The technology was first used in the world of fashion, so tailors could get precise measurements.

Clients at TMPL gym also fill out an extensive health survey.

“That informs us as to how to exercise, eat, possibly supplements to correct whatever is going on with the metabolism so we can make changes in that body composition,” said gym owner David Barton.

The computer-generated images can be compared over time to show exactly how a person’s physique is changing. 

The noticeable progress helps keep Loman motivated. “You see the number on the scale, but the number on the scale doesn’t break down how much of that is muscle, how much of that is water weight, how much of that is body fat,” she said. 

In about four months of dieting and exercise, she lost 30 pounds and gained three pounds of muscle.

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