3 Ways to Simplify Your Next Business Trip with Bing or Google

Every search engine has a few little tricks -- things it can do right in its search results, so you get answers faster and with fewer clicks. I've got a trio of such timesavers that will appeal to business travelers. After all, when you're running down concourse B, every little timesaver is appreciated.

The first two searches will work in both Google and Bing. The last one -- getting a flight status -- is a Bing-only trick.

Get the local weather. Want to know the forecast in Detroit? Generally, it's "looting, with a chance of graffiti." But if you're flying into Motor City and want to know the weather, just enter Detroit weather. The first result will be the local weather. And if you're using Bing, you can click the forecast to go to a page with more detailed weather information.

Convert your currency. On your way out of the country? Both Google and Bing can tell you what your money is worth. Just type 500 dollars in yen, for example, and you'll see the conversion right at the top of the search results. (It's about 46,000 yen at the moment.)

Get flight status. Let's say you're going to Detroit. (You have my sympathy.) If you're using Bing, you can check on a flight right in the search results, without actually visiting any Web sites. Search for "flight status." Then enter the airline and flight number when Bing asks for it.