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3 Powerful Searches with Bing You Can't Do in Google

Statistics show that we use Google about 80% of the time, so the world's most popular search engine is no danger of losing its crown anytime soon. That said, Bing does a few things really, really well -- like its visual search and cashback programs, for example. And I've got the bead on a few advanced search tricks that Bing does which Google can't do at all.

Recently, MakeUseOf rolled up this list of three advanced Bing searches which are surprisingly handy.

  • Find which pages a site links to. Enter "" to get a list of all the places a site links to, or add a search term for more focused searches. camera, for example, shows all the camera-related pages linked from
  • Find RSS feeds for a search term. Enter "feed:term" as a targeted way to find blog posts about a given subject.
  • Find specific types of files. Enter "contains:filetype" for a list of files of the type you need. For example, try contains:wmv networking for a list of videos about networking. Or enter contains:pdf D200 for PDF files about the Nikon D200.
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