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Three convicted, 1 acquitted in Georgia gang beating death

COBB COUNTY, Ga.--Three Georgia men were convicted Wednesday in the June 2013 beating death of 36-year-old Joshua Chellew, reports CBS affiliate WGCL.

Johnathan Anthony, 19, Antonio Pass, 20, and Jekari Strozier, 21, were found guilty of murder, violating Georgia's street gang and terrorism act, and related charges.

Kemonta Bonds, 22, was acquitted of all charges.

On June 30, 2013, Chellew and a friend pulled into a Chevron station in Mableton, Ga., where Anthony, Pass, Strozier and several other people were hanging out.

According to the Cobb County District Attorney's office, Chellew, who was intoxicated, held up a blue bandana as a taunt to the group who, as members of the Re-Up gang, wear red and camouflage.

The group quickly surrounded Chellew, and when they assaulted him, he tried to get away.

The DA's office said the men chased him into Mableton Parkway until they caught up with him and beat him unconscious in the unlit roadway.

Chellew was left there, and not long after, was run over by a vehicle and killed.

"Mr. Chellew didn't stand a chance," said Jesse Evans, Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorney. "It was them against one. He was unarmed, and he was intoxicated. This was a relentless assault. They used their hands and feet to assault him. The defendants just beat him down. Mr. Chellew didn't do anything to deserve this beating."

A sentencing date has not been set. Pass, Strozier and Anthony each face a maximum sentence of life in prison without parole.