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Can Trump overtake Clinton in battleground states with hidden vote?

Donald Trump is focusing on battleground states, looking for last-minute support.

Historically, presidential races tend to tighten in the closing days, and Donald Trump’s campaign believes there’s a hidden Trump vote worth four or five points.

That vote could help put states like Michigan and Wisconsin, where they may be trailing, back in play. So Trump is looking for votes everywhere – even in Hillary Clinton’s column, reports CBS News correspondent Major Garrett.

Hundreds of voters traveled from Minnesota to northwest Wisconsin Tuesday to hear Donald Trump’s closing argument.

“This is a message for any Democratic voter who have already cast ... for Hillary Clinton and who are having a bad case of buyer’s remorse,” Trump told the crowd. 

For the first time, Trump delivered what he called a “public service announcement” for early voters in certain states.

“You can change your vote to Donald Trump. We’ll make America great again, okay?” Trump said.

Nationally, more than 27 million early and absentee ballots have already been cast more than half the 2012 total. That includes more than 500,000 in Wisconsin, and 250,000 in Minnesota.

Sensing the virtues of unity, Trump pushed for GOP Senator Ron Johnson.

“Senator Ron Johnson, I hope you are all going to get out and vote for Ron,” Trump said.

And he welcomed party chairman Reince Priebus and former rival Governor Scott Walker. House Speaker Paul Ryan was notably absent.

“In fact, I already voted here in Janesville for our nominee last week in early voting,” Ryan said during an appearance on “Fox and Friends.”

Still estranged from Trump, Ryan avoided saying his name and won’t campaign for him. 

“I’ve already got a long schedule that has been long in place, fighting for House Republicans and also Senate Republicans because that’s what the speaker of the House does,” Ryan said. 

Trump will need a Republican Congress to fulfill his promise for a near-instant repeal of the Affordable Care Act -- something he amplified earlier in the day in Pennsylvania

Trump denounces KKK endorsement 00:47

“We will be able to immediately repeal and replace Obamacare. Have to do it,” Trump said.

Trump has received only a handful of newspaper endorsements, but got a potentially unwelcome one Tuesday. The official newspaper of the KKK, “The Crusader,” put Trump on its cover Tuesday below the headline, “Make America Great Again.”

Trump’s camp immediately called the publication “repulsive” and denounced its support. 

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