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2010 NBA All Star Weekend SCEA Style

Once again Sony made its presence felt opening up The Sony's Player Lounge which gave access for NBA's top pros old and new to come mingle, and experience first hand some of Sony's top tripple A titles for 2010. All Stars like Brandon Roy of the Portland Trailblazers, and Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder headlined a plethora of the games finest who stopped through the lounge and were able to get a sneak peak some of the games expected to drop from Sony Spring 2010.

Games like God of War III, MLB the Show 10, and NBA Live 10 just to name a few were on display for the athletes and their families to play. While the athletes had an opportunity to stop in and get their gaming on, Sony was serving up personalized PSP GO and PS3 units to the All Stars with special engravements provided by Brian Kappel of Gallagher Designs . The combination of crafty creativity between the players and this budding company out of Portland Oregon gave us some of the most unique and one - of - kind designs which grabbed the attention of many whom had an opportunity to see the finished product.

All Stars Kevin Durant and Lebron James were presented with a Special Collector's Edition of Nike Shoes specially branded by Gallagher Designs in collaboration with Sony to signify their prolific achievements on and off the court.

Similar to the NBA Jam Session which gives patrons a chance to be interact with their favorite NBA stars and TV personalities, the Sony Lounge also gave media a chance to go one on one with NBA's finest as they took some time out to speak with us on being a part of this grandiose event in Dallas.

The traffic through the Sony Lounge was non-stop, and while it didn't beat out the record attendance that showed up for the NBA All Star Game - a whopping 108,000+ - packed Dallas Staduim, the enjoyment factor in the lounge was second to none. A smooth laid back ambiance filled the room for the athletes to feel more relaxed and comfortable than the usual bum rush of beat reporters pounding their head with the same myriad of sports questions often asked, and often answered.

Kudos to the Sony Staff as they put it down as only they can leaving the players and families with much to look forward into the coming year with high expectations on its upcoming releases.

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