2,000 Pounds Of Pot Seized (PICTURE) in Boston's Biggest Marijuana Bust in Memory

"That's a Lot of Pot" (CBS/WBZ)
"That's a Lot of Pot" (CBS/WBZ)

BOSTON (CBS/WBZ) Prosecutors say it's "the single largest seizure of marijuana in Boston's recent memory" - and the man implicated as the owner of said stash claims he "knew nothing about it."

Perhaps he's been smoking a bit too much of his product?

Suffolk County District Attorney spokesman Jake Wark said police "recovered about one ton" -- or 2,000 pounds -- of pot from Edgar Gonzalez's third floor apartment on Wednesday.

"That's a lot of pot," Shayna Rey-Selva, Gonzalez's neighbor, told CBS affiliate WBZ. "And I had no idea it was right next door to my house."

According to WBZ, officials called the pot "high quality," and placed its street value around $4 million.

Prosecutors said officers were in the apartment building executing an unrelated search warrant when they saw a man, later identified as Gonzalez, run away.

The officers became suspicious when, after they caught up to Gonzales, he told police he thought they were looking for him.

Officers got a search warrant for Gonzales' apartment and found 40 bales of marijuana wrapped in black plastic and stacked to the ceiling. Suffolk county prosecutor Jeremy Bucci said that some of the bales were in the closet, and another large quantity was a sample bag in the kitchen.

Police said that Gonzalez denied knowledge of the sizable stash.

Gonzalez, who is also known as Felix Soto, was ordered held on $1 million cash bail Thursday, on charges of marijuana trafficking. He is also being held on an immigration detainer.

Gonzales could face up to 15 years in state prison.

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