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12-Year-Old Boy Allegedly Threatened to Kill Family and Shoot at Least 20 Fellow Students in Wash. State

12-Year-Old Boy Allegedly Planned to Kill Family and Shoot at Least 20 Fellow Students in Wash. State
Tolt Middle School, Carnation, Wash. (

DUVALL, Wash. (CBS) A 12-year-old Washington State boy has been in juvenile detention since Oct. 6 when he allegedly told police officers that he planned to shoot at least 20 schoolmates who bullied and teased him, and threatened to kill his adoptive family.

Police were called to Tolt Middle School in Carnation, Wash., about 30 miles outside of Seattle, on Oct. 6 after getting reports of a young boy making threats against the school and specific students and teachers.

The boy was expelled and immediately taken into custody as the threats were investigated, according to documents from the King County Prosecutor's office, The Seattle Times reported.

Police searched a camper that the boy had been staying in during one of the times he ran away from home and found two shotguns and a loaded 9mm pistol, according to the documents. School administrators found no guns when they searched him, his backpack and lockers on Oct. 6, the charging papers say.

The same day that the boy was expelled and arrested, the boy's adoptive mother called police to report that he had run away the night before, after saying that he planned to go the bus stop and point a gun at two boys he named and then go to the school and kill about 20 other students who he said teased him. He then told his family that he planned to return home and kill them, according to the Seattle Times.

According to the probable cause document, one officer wrote that the boy "has displayed the intent and the means to follow through on these threats."

The boy was charged Oct. 11 with felony harassment-domestic violence for the threats against his family, and then again on Oct. 21 he was charged with felony of second-degree assault-domestic violence and with harassment-domestic violence, a gross misdemeanor, for allegedly choking his sister during an argument Sept. 9. He will be arraigned Thursday on those charges, the paper reported.

If convicted of the charges, the boy faces 15 to 36 weeks in detention because of his age, said Dan Donohoe, spokesman for the King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office.

The boy could face additional charges related to the school threats, which are under investigation, Donohoe said.

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