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100,000 Greet Obama in Denver

From CBS News' Maria Gavrilovic:

(DENVER) - Barack Obama drew a crowd of 100,000, according to police estimates, in his third visit to Colorado since the Democratic Convention. Speaking at Civic Center Park in downtown Denver, Obama appeared to be stunned by the sea of supporters.

"Goodness gracious! Who are those folks way at the top of the capitol over there? Unbelievable!" he said to cheers.

Obama urged the crowd to vote early, but he was stumped when he realized that he didn't know his campaign's website for the Colorado office.

"If you need any information about how to vote early then make sure to contact our office, I think it's probably C-O dash Obama?" he guessed. But as some in the crowd tried to correct him, Obama paused to ask for help but ultimately gave up and urged supporters to seek help from those who have already voted.

The most recent early vote count in Colorado shows the Democrats and Republicans neck and neck in terms of turnout. Democrats lead the Republicans, 39%-38% according to Secretary of State's office.

Obama devoted some of his speech today to explaining his tax plan, as John McCain and Sarah Palin continue to hammer away at his policy. He called his argument with McCain over taxes an "irony," explaining that wealthy individuals benefit from a prosperous middle class.

"Rich people do better when ordinary folks are doing well," Obama explained.

"Part of the problem with what's happened on Wall Street is that ordinary folks were having trouble paying the bills. They were starting to lose their homes, they were starting to be foreclosed on, and that had an impact on everybody."

He cited Bill Clinton's plan in the 1990s as evidence that his tax plan will help wealthy individuals as well as the middle class.

"I want to go back to the rate that they paid under Bill Clinton," Obama said about his plan for wealthy Americans.

"And by the way they were doing fine under Bill Clinton. In fact they were doing better under Bill Clinton because everybody was doing well."

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