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10 Plus 1: Last Call For Catherine Herrick Questions

(Catherine Herrick)
Yesterday we gave you a picture of "60 Minutes" Associate Producer Catherine Herrick with a polar bear. Today, we've got a shot of her with some elephants in India, a country from which she recently returned. Tomorrow: Manatees. No, just kidding. There's not, alas, going to be a promo tomorrow: This is your last chance to get a question in to Catherine before her "10 Plus 1" interview goes up. So send in a question for the former "Evening News" page who now works with correspondent Scott Pelley. Want to ask about the global warming pieces she's worked on? The coolest places she's been to covering a story? Whether or not she misses her hometown of Cleveland? Post your question in comments or send it in, and we'll get her answer.
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