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10 Best and 10 Worst Real Estate Markets for the Next Five Years

While the national median home price is not expected to climb much, if at all, in the next few years, there will be lots of movement at the local level. Some markets are poised to do quite nicely — others will tank. Based on the Case-Shiller index, Moody's forecast the 10 best and worst markets between the fourth quarter of 2008 and the fourth quarter of 2013. Markets where prices didn't go sky-high will be spared the lows; hence the good showing for Ohio. But the experts say there's lots of hot air left in bubble markets such as Florida.

10 Best Markets:

Tacoma, WA (metro area) 20.7%
Boulder, CO 17.5%
Toledo, OH 16.7%
Memphis, TN 16.5%
Pittsburgh 16.0%
Cleveland 14.4%
Dayton, OH 13.6%
Akron, OH 13.4%
San Jose, CA 13.3%
Colorado Springs, CO 13.3%

10 Worst Markets:

Miami (metro area) -40.3%
Orlando, FL -33.3%
Fort Lauderdale, FL (metro area) -26.4%
Jacksonville, FL -32.2%
Riverside, CA -25.6%
Los Angeles (metro area) -22.9%
West Palm Beach, FL (metro area) -20.2%
Tampa, FL -19.6%
Virginia Beach, VA -18.2%
New York -18.1%

Source: Fiserv, Moody’s

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