10 Ads Featuring Adolf Hitler Pitching Consumer Goods and Services

Last Updated Jun 23, 2011 10:15 AM EDT

Taproot India, an ad agency, won a Silver Lion at the Cannes festival in France this week for using an image of Adolf Hitler to advertise an audiobook service (click to enlarge images). Cannes is the industry's most prestigious award ceremony, and while a Silver Lion isn't its top award (that would be the Gold Lion) it remains shocking to those of us in the West that any client would allow its brand to be associated with the architect of the Holocaust.

Yet, as I've noted before on BNET, Hitler is a frequent pitchman for consumer goods and services in foreign countries. While Hitler is known the world over as one of history's villains, he doesn't quite carry the same weight of evil in Asia and Latin America as he does in Europe or the U.S. The result is that if lazy advertisers in the East want to quickly signify to consumers that something is "bad," Hitler is their go-to man.

Here's a gallery of foreign ads featuring Hitler. "Enjoy," if you can.

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