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Video shows sheep on the lam eluding Zumbrota police officers

Video shows southern Minnesota police officers chasing sheep
Video shows southern Minnesota police officers chasing sheep 00:40

ZUMBROTA, Minn. — A pair of southern Minnesota police officers found themselves chasing a wily and wooly escapee Monday night.

The Zumbrota Police Department shared video of two of its officers trying to capture a sheep in a residential neighborhood. The body camera footage shows it happened around 8:30 p.m.

"The sheep proved four legs are superior to two and its wool immune to the effects of a taser," the department said.    

Zumbrota Police Department

The officers thought they had the sheep caught when they confined it to a fenced-in yard. However, in a stroke of shear genius, the animal charged right through the fence.

"Well, that was a good idea," one of the officers said after the sheep's successful gambit.

It's unclear where the sheep came from — Zumbrota city code prohibits the keeping of sheep, except in agricultural zones. Keeping a sheep in a non-agricultural zone carries a $50 fine.

This is apparently not the first time police in Zumbrota have dealt with a sheep on the lam. In 2018, the department posted about another f-ewe-gitive. It's not known if that sheep was ever apprehended.

Zumbrota is about 24 miles north of Rochester in southeastern Minnesota.

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