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Years later, no arrests in Minneapolis carjacking that left victim in wheelchair

Still No Arrests In 2020 Carjacking That Left Victim In Wheelchair
Still No Arrests In 2020 Carjacking That Left Victim In Wheelchair 02:05

MINNEAPOLIS -- A Minneapolis carjacking victim wants answers and an arrest. It's been two summers since Ben Schmid was shot 16 times in a hellacious ordeal.

Schmid is miraculously alive after being carjacked in July 2020 near 37th and Elliott, a few blocks from George Floyd Square in south Minneapolis.

"You get shot once in the hand and then after that, I went blank," he said. "It was horrifying."

Schmid is now confined to a wheelchair, without feeling in his left leg or his fingertips. He's in physical therapy twice a week where he's working to move around with a walker.

The public police report of the incident says there were no witnesses. No arrests have been made.

"Because it was during a time that the city was so busy and just on fire, I feel like I got put at the bottom of the shuffle," Schmid said. "It's really frustrating because I've just been sitting here idle waiting for an answer."

Police confirmed they're actively investigating this open case, and said, "Each case advances at a pace determined by the availability and quality of evidence and leads."

As he waits, Schmid can't help but wonder what if this hadn't happened?

"Playing catch with my stepson or playing with my daughter, and it's all in a wheelchair. It's doable but it's not the same," he said.

Schmid's wife, Lydia Mueller, says this has been the hardest two years of her life, as she's helped her husband fight every day in his recovery.

"He's an awesome dad, an amazing dad. He's hilarious," Mueller said. "He does what he can and he's always there for them."

Schmid and Mueller know every shooting is important, and police have so many cases to investigate, but to them, this is everything, especially when that carjacker could be out there victimizing more families.

Schmid doesn't know who called 911 that night, but he'd like to meet them, so he can say thank you.

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