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'Worst Jobs' List Not Great For Those In Journalism

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Some people choose their careers while others sort of just fall into them. Apparently, we in the new media have one of the worst jobs of 2017, according to the website Career Cast.

But let's start with the best jobs of the year.

Number 10 is a speech pathologist, followed by occupational therapist, software engineer, mathematician and tenured university professor.

Data scientist came in at No. 5, followed by information security analyst, operations research analyst, medical services manager and statistician.

Now for the worst jobs.

Taxi driver ranks 10th. Retail salesperson came in at No. 9, followed by firefighter, ad salesperson and disc jockey.

Number five on the list: pest control worker. Enlisted military personnel came in at No. 4, followed by logger.

Broadcaster is the second worst job of the year, and newspaper reporter takes the top spot.

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