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With Deep-Freeze Closely Followed By Warm-Up, Slippery Sidewalks Pose Big Hazard

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Above-freezing temperatures during the day Thursday are giving way to below-freezing temperatures overnight.

"It's interesting. Questionable if you need shoes or ice skates to get down the street," said Megan Hendrickson of Minneapolis.

It's a January cycle that's creating plenty of icy sidewalks and walkways. Just ask Pamela Advani.

"Mostly bad. You have to walk in the middle of the street if you don't want to fall," Advani said. "The little bit of snow that fell made it even worse because you can't see the snow underneath it."

To avoid a slippery slope with the city, Advani is removing ice from her sidewalk.

icy sidewalks
(credit: CBS)

As of December 28, Minneapolis city workers have had to clear 353 properties. Those homeowners can expect a fine within 30 days. There is a reason the city is cracking down.

"There was one day, it was about eight or nine days ago, where we had in one shift about six or seven people with broken bones," said Dr. Doug Brunette of Hennepin Health.

Dr. Brunette said a lot of those are upper body and wrist injuries. Senior citizens are most vulnerable. And while a fall can happen in a split-second, doctors say protect your head and face at all costs.

"If you can fall on your side, your shoulder without hitting your head, that's probably the safest way to fall," Brunette said.

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