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Police: Wis. Girl, 14, Beats, Slits Throat Of Brother's Girlfriend

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Police say a 14-year-old Wisconsin girl was trying to make what she called her "first kill" when she attacked her brother's girlfriend.

The incident happened on Wednesday morning near New Richmond. Authorities said Kali Bookey rode her bike to the girl's home and attacked her, leaving her with cuts on her throat and bruises on her face.

St. Croix County deputies thought they were responding to an attempted kidnapping, at least that's what they say Bookey told them after she initially claimed two men attacked her.

"She also made the comment that there may be someone at another location was in need of assistance," Chief Deputy Scott Knudson said.

That's when investigators say the real story unfolded. When they arrived at the address Bookey gave them, they found a 15-year-old girl badly beaten.

"It sounds like it started with punches to the face. A whole lot of punches to the face," Knudson said.

The victim was the girlfriend of Bookey's brother. She told investigators the younger girl had biked several miles to her home, walked inside through a sliding glass door, and savagely beat her.

When confronted, police say Bookey admitted to the attack. She allegedly told the victim that she had been watching her movements for days, making mental notes of when she was home alone.

"She made the statement to the victim, 'This will be my first but not my last,'" Knudson said.

Investigators said Bookey admitted to punching the girl up to 30 times, then smashing two ceramic bowls over her head and using the broken pieces to cut her neck.

"When the suspect left, she made the comment, 'Enjoy the afterlife,'" Knudson said.

Bookey later told authorities she was jealous of her brother's relationship with the girl.

"There was no sign of this. She may have been on the 'A' honor roll at her school and people didn't see this coming," Knudson said.

Among those surprised by the attack was Carmen Handrahan, who lives right next door to the victim.

"It made me scared. Made me scared because I didn't know who did it," she said.

"I saw pictures of the girl from the hospital and she had cuts on her neck and face. It's scary," neighbor Billie Jo Minke said.

The victim was treated at Regions Hospital. She's recovering at home now.

Prosecutors charged Bookey with attempted homicide. She's in custody at a juvenile detention center right now.


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