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"Thanks for letting me make memories": 10-year-old boy donates allowance to hotel damaged by Hurricane Ian

10-year-old boy donates allowance to hotel damaged by Hurricane Ian
10-year-old boy donates allowance to hotel damaged by Hurricane Ian 02:03

ROBERTS, Wis. -- Though people in the path of Hurricane Ian were hit hardest, many watched the effects from afar, including a 10-year-old from western Wisconsin. Carter Kormanik is hoping to help.

"My name is Carter. My heart is broken seeing pictures of damage from the hurricane," reads Carter, a fifth grader from Roberts, Wisconsin, from a letter he wrote to the Lani Kai Island Resort in Florida.

Carter Kormanik donated his allowance to the Lani Kai Island Resort in Florida, a place where he enjoyed vacationing.

The effects of Hurricane Ian have devastated parts of Florida. Its impact is felt outsides the region, too. Kormanik and his family have vacationed at a specific hotel in Fort Myers Beach multiple times: The Lani Kai.

"It felt like paradise. The scenery was so awesome and the ocean," remembers Carter.

Now, the hotel has significant damage to multiple floors as well as the rooftops. Carter was following the storm from his home near Hudson, Wisconsin.

"I started to cry because that place was my favorite place ever," said Carter.

"He was very upset," said Kormanik's grandmother, Amy Ayers. "He kinda had a hard time understanding how bad the storm was."

Carter's letter goes on: "I know it's not a lot but I want to give you my allowance money to help rebuild your hotel. Thanks for letting me make memories there."

The marketing manager for the Lani Kai says Fort Myers Beach is completely devastated. The entire island is still without power. Cleanup hasn't even been able to begin yet because of a lack of resources.

The people at the hotel wanted to thank Carter for his generosity and promised him a big bowl of ice cream when he visits next.

Carter's allowance mostly comes from helping mow his grandparents' lawn.

"Usually I spend it on toys," said Carter. "But once I saw that, I really wanted to spend all of it on rebuilding."

A long process that hopefully will start soon.

Carter's mom sent the Lani Kai Carter's letter via Facebook. A representative for the hotel says they don't know when they'll be able to re-open.

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