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Whip Up Some Easy, Sweet Spring Treats

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Once St. Patrick's Day ends, the focus will turn to Easter.

And now is the time to plan out those holiday treats, and Lund's in Uptown can teach you how to make sweet treats on the cheap.

Forget chocolate rabbits this year, check out these bird's nests. They're easy for Easter, or for a fun spring sweet.

This is Katie Okochi's recipe: melt 1/4 cup of peanut butter with a whole bag of butterscotch chips in the microwave for 90 seconds. Then add 2 1/2 cups of chow mein noodles.

Once mixed, add the decorations.

"Put them on while it's melting," Okochi said. "You want to stick them on while the chocolate is still kind of melting so they stick."

Everything from Peeps to chocolate eggs complete the treat.

The second recipe involves a tub of sugar cookie dough, sprinkles and M&Ms.

"There's no rolling out of dough," she said. "There's no cutters or anything. Roll it up and then roll it in some sugar. Then flatten it out a little bit and then you're going to cut it into five petals. Now you're going to take those petals and roll them out to a five-point star. Put an M&M in the center."

Then just pop the tray in the oven for eight minutes at 350 degrees, and watch "flowers" pop up in your kitchen.

Both treats cost under $15.

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