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WCCO Viewers' Choice For MN's Best Ice Cream Sundae

DORSET, Minn. (WCCO) -- It's summer, which means you have about three months to eat as much ice cream as you can.

You might prefer malts or cones, but we wanted to find the best ice cream sundae in Minnesota. Your votes sent me three hours northwest of the cities to the Dorset House.

If it sounds familiar, the mayor is probably the reason why. Robert "Bobby" Tufts is just 5 years old.

He's currently serving his second term as mayor of the town of 22.

"He has changed the food pyramid," said Jeannette Dudley, the Dorset House general manager. "Ice cream is now at the top."

That really helps business, she said.

I went to check out Dorset House's ice cream with the mayor. We took on two of their best sellers.

I got the Dorset House sundae, a creation of the restaurant's original owner Norb Kenny.

"It's butter brickle ice cream, butter scotch topping, hot fudge topping and whole peanuts," Dudley said.

The mayor tackled the turtle sundae, eating whipped cream with his hand.

While the mayor might be young, the restaurant has a deep history.

"The building was built in 1894," Dudley said. "You walk in, and it's a little overwhelming if you haven't been here before, because of the high ceilings and the colorful boards."

There's an old-fashioned soda fountain, complete with what used to be called soda-jerks working behind the counter.

They're called "scoopers" now. That means they don't just scoop ice cream, they also put on a show.

"They need to romance their product," Dudley said. "They need to do all that fun stuff...because that's what makes people eyes get big."

Sundaes at Dorset House will set you back anywhere from $-$. They also have phosphates and ice cream sodas on the menu.

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