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WCCO's 'Pulling Together' Raises $146K For Fraser

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- It's a wrap for Pulling Together 2018. With the help of you, our viewers, we raised more than $146,000 for Fraser.

The organization that supports people with disabilities and their families. The big event took place on Saturday at Hidden Falls Regional Park. Teams went head-to-head over the Mississippi River, playing tug of war from St. Paul to Minneapolis.

Our staff divided up with the morning show pulling from St. Paul, and the night team from Minneapolis was defeated.

This is the moment we've been talking about for months. The Minneapolis Fire Department beat the St. Paul Fire Department. The WCCO Morning Team pulled it together, while the night team came untied.

But that was a small consolation for the big boost the event gave Fraser. Joel Barker is the Vice President of development for Fraser.

"It was absolutely incredible, we were just blown away by all the tremendous support. $146,000 just changes lives here at Fraser," Barker said.

It helps people like Ian Powers, who has autism and as of May, has his very own apartment.

"I just but it turns out I just needed the help, I just needed to be able to ask for help and you found it here," Powers said.

The Arcos family found help here as well for their two small children, who are on the autism spectrum. And Fraser grad Jessica Ferris is devoted too. She got services when she was small and now works the front desk.

When asked what Fraser's done for her she responded, "For me, it's everything."

Many of the satisfied clients spent Saturday by the river. There was a sensory tent to make it extra comfortable.

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