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Water levels expected to rise around Mississippi River after rounds of rain

Though rain is slowing down, rivers just beginning to rise in Minnesota
Though rain is slowing down, rivers just beginning to rise in Minnesota 01:51

JORDAN, Minn. — The rain is slowing down but the rivers are still rising. Just south of Carver, in Jordan, the Minnesota River is taking over the road.

It's also taking over some precious land at River Valley Horse Ranch.  

"It's shut down most of our trails, the two hour is under water and a lot of the one hour is under water, looks like the road is gonna be closed later today," said Darolyn Barnett, who works at the ranch.


According to the experts at the National Weather Service – the threat still lingers.  

"Over the next three or four days we are gonna see levels especially the Mississippi rise as the Minnesota and smaller rivers end up flowing into it. There's a bit of delayed response so even though we are gonna be dry for the next seven to 10 days we are gonna continue to see river to rise," said Tyler Hasenstein, a meteorologist who has been analyzing water levels.

"For the rest of the week it would be a good idea to look at your local weather levels and where they are at. After that they should be steady or taper off after that," said Hasenstein.

It's good news for the trail at River Valley Horse Ranch, which is still open.

If you're wondering about the water in your area, there's a brand new website that analyzes water levels.

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