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Wasp Boom Puts Homeowners On Edge

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) - Wasps can put fear in both kids and adults, with a sting that most try hard to avoid. But avoiding wasps is a tough task this summer due to a boom in their numbers.

At Julian Fisher's Minneapolis home, he is playing host to some unwanted guests.

"My biggest fear is they would invade the house," said Fisher.

Wasps have moved in and are taking refuge under the overhangs of his roof.

"We could see them outside the window on the second story," he said.

Julian is dealing with a common problem for homeowners this summer according to Scott Dorn of Rainbow Pest Experts.

"I'm seeing a lot of yellow jacket nests," said Dorn.

Calls to pest control companies are up nearly 25 percent compared to a normal year. That's at least four home visits a day for Dorn.

"We expected to see a lot of wasp calls this year," said Dorn.

A mild winter sent many wasps into hibernation instead of killing them and then there was an early spring.

"We were going full force in March. Now you have a whole extra generation of insects by end of season that wouldn't otherwise be there," said Dorn.

Weeks of little rain with hot temperatures were the perfect conditions for wasp colonies to grow.

"Every day this summer they've been able to forage and build up their nest," said Dorn.

Julian's home had seven hives in all.

"That speaks to the type of year we're having. Typically, when we take care of paper wasps there will be one maybe two nests," said Dorn.

They are summertime visitors that can put anyone on edge. The buzz from a wasp can take some of the comfort out of home.

"I guess kind of the iceberg theory. There's a tip and all the sudden you're looking at god how many wasps or bees," said Fisher.

If you decide to try to treat wasp nests on your home, it's best to wait until after dark when they are back in their hive.


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