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Waseca Officer Struck By Power Line Last Year Returning To Full-Time Duty

WASECA COUNTY, Minn. (WCCO) -- A Waseca County Sheriff's Deputy got a warm reception as he returned to full-time work Friday. The morning drive back to work wasn't nearly as long as the road to recovery for Langr.

"It was pretty overwhelming, but in a good way," Langr said.

On Oct. 23, Deputy Josh Langr was responding to a fatal crash in which a vehicle knocked over a power pole. While trying to assist, he accidentally came into contact with a power line and was electrocuted.

"I came into contact with the wire and it knocked me over, to say the least," Langr said. "I remember talking on the phone with the state trooper than waking up in the hospital. The moment I touched the wire I don't remember anything about it."

Electricity went through his entire body, causing serious injuries.

"It came into my head right here. They had to take part of my arm to plug the hole for that," Langr said.

It's one of many reasons why friends and family believe his comeback is so inspiring.

His return is something his fellow law enforcement officers won't soon forget, either. Many of them remember last October all too clearly.

"Obviously seeing him there was tough. Not what you want to see with one of your officers and friend,"  Chief Deputy Trevor Kanewischer said.

Kanewischer was also on the scene that day and is touched by how far his friend has come.

"I think one thing they got him back the quickest was his positive attitude. From day one he was, I don't know if I ever saw a negative attitude," Kanewischer said.

The only thing left to do now is to get back to work.

"The town is great support for us and what they do, it's great to support them," Langr said.

Having Langr back will be good news for the local law enforcement community, which is processing the shooting of Waseca officer Arik Matson. He was shot in the head on Jan. 6 while responding to a suspicious person call.

Matson is making progress in his recovery, but there's a long road still ahead.

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