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Warmer weather means golfers can keep on swinging in December

Some Minnesotans enjoying December golf
Some Minnesotans enjoying December golf 01:38

OTSEGO, Minn. — This week's warm-up is making dreams come true for golfers.

While some put their clubs away for the season, others are dusting them off this December.

Golf simulators inside Riverwood National Golf Course allow Charles Aydt to play year-round.

"We don't usually get to play [outside] much in December," Aydt said.

Riverwood wrapped up for the season about three weeks ago.

However, that will change starting Wednesday through Friday. All 18-holes will re-open for the first time ever in December.

"That's what we do in Minnesota," Aydt laughed. "We are die hard golfers."

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Riverwood's head golf professional Dan Peterson says weather played a big role in the decision, since temperatures are hanging around the upper 40s. Ideal weather to open is 45 degrees or higher.

"If the weather is going to permit it and the golf course can be open for play outside, we are certainly going to do it," Peterson said.

An email went out to anyone who has golfed at Riverwood, and within an hour, all 240 spots were full.

With the demand and pleasant weather in the forecast, Peterson said it was a no brainer.

What they didn't expect is a fresh layer of snow.

"That complicates the process," said Jason Kraus, Riverwood's superintendent.

Kraus says he's hopeful the warmer weather and sun will melt the snow.

"There's no way we are going to be able to remove all this snow as it sits right now," he said while looking at the course.

If need be, Kraus and his three colleagues will go around with a big blower and maybe shovels to get things ready.

He wants people to remember to just have fun.

"Don't worry about your playing, don't worry about where it goes, just have fun with it because it doesn't happen often," he said.

Peterson said he's optimistic for the next three days as folks head back on the course. As of now, he said all slots are filled and they have wait lists for all three days.

He believes Friday will be the last day for the 2023 season.

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