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'These Are Dangerous': Walz Scrutinizes No-Knock Warrants After Amir Locke Killing

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- The Amir Locke shooting has led Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey to declare a moratorium on no-knock warrants.

The fatal shooting, which has been widely condemned, has also led to another wrenching moment for the Twin Cities less than two years after George Floyd's killing.

The shooting of Locke during a raid by Minneapolis police has been condemned by groups that are not normally on the same page. Both the progressive People of Color and Indigenous Caucus and the conservative Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus have both denounced the no-knock warrant not only in this case but as a police policy.

The city of Minneapolis enacted a curb on no-knock warrants limiting their use. That came after the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor in Louisville, Kentucky. But Minneapolis has continued to widely use no-knock warrants, reportedly applying for 13 in 2022 alone.

Gov. Tim Walz
(credit: CBS)

Gov. Tim Walz says a statewide review of the use of no-knock warrants is something he supports. Walz was a guest on our 10:30 a.m. WCCO Sunday Morning show.

"With the legislature hearing voices now that were silent on this until this week," Walz said. "I'm sorry it took this tragedy but there are voices now saying, across the political spectrum, that these are dangerous. They're dangerous for, as you saw in this case, a young man, they're dangerous for police."

The governor has authorized the activation of the Minnesota National Guard in case it is needed to keep the peace for two reasons. One: the city of St. Paul asked because of the federal trial of three former officers in the death of George Floyd. And two: the Guard will also be at the ready in case Minneapolis requests help for any protests in the aftermath of Locke's death.

So far, the Locke protests have been peaceful, no doubt in part because of the Locke family. Amir Locke's father Andre has asked for there to be 22 days of peace in honor of his son.

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