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What is Wall Pilates? And does it work?

What is Wall Pilates? And does it work?
What is Wall Pilates? And does it work? 02:28

MINNEAPOLIS — Pilates promises to give you a full-body workout right in the comfort of your own home. And for the latest adaptation of the fitness trend, all you need is a mat and a wall. 

Jacqueline Munoz shared her Wall Pilates journey on TikTok.

"The reason that I started posting like the ones at home was because I know not everyone can afford to go to a Reformers class because they're pretty pricy," Munoz said.

She says she's felt a difference since starting Wall Pilates.

"Not only in my physical appearance but definitely how I feel inside," she said. "I definitely feel a lot more strength."  


Danielle Linneweber, owner of Purposeful Pilates in Minneapolis' North Loop, says Wall Pilates can be effective.

"I think it depends on your instructor and what you're trying to get out of it," Linneweber said. "The wall does give you support and helps you with your balance and control. And with your hands and feet against the wall, it can also help create a core connection."

Linneweber says Mat Pilates can be just as effective.

"It's about precision and control and small movements," she said.

She says if you're trying Pilates at home, keep safety in mind, and only follow videos from certified Pilates instructors.

"You don't have to be a supermodel, you don't have to be a dancer, you don't have to be female," she said.

Linneweber says Pilates movements can easily be modified depending on skill level. In fact, she has clients from marathon runners to folks in their 80s.

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